Monday, March 23, 2009

Actors, singers and soccer players screensavers

Because my site is about screensavers and wallpapers in 3D I am now trying different things from soccer teams logos. Most of all a screensaver must have some movement to save the screen from burning in certain areas. So I picked some famous persons, like movie actors, singers, soccer players and coachs and designed a few simple screensavers and wallpapers with a simple 3D feeling.

- Madonna
- Hannah Montana
- Marilyn Monroe
- Elvis Presley

Movie Actors:
- Angelina Jolie
- Brad Pitt
- Charlize Theron

Soccer Players:
- Cristiano Ronaldo
- Luis Figo
- David Beckham
- Ronaldinho Gaucho

Soccer Coachs:
- Scolari
- Jose Mourinho
- Carlos Queiroz

- The Rolling Stones
- U2
- Prince

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